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Are violence and rage acceptable as fruits of the spirit? The Bible makes it plain.

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Audio Transcript

Dave: Jeff, do you believe that God can heal people or speak through prophets?

Jeff: Absolutely, 100%.

Dave: Then, what is your take on Todd Bentley?

Jeff: How about we allow people to draw their own conclusions? Galatians 5:19-24 contrasts the fruit of the Spirit, with the acts of the flesh.

Dave: It says that sinful flesh produces fits of rage, and things like that.

Jeff: But the Holy Spirit produces gentleness and peace, things like that.

Dave: Here’s what Todd says…

“I said, ‘God, I’ve prayed for like 100 crippled people, not 1?’ he said, ‘That’s because I want you to grab that ladies crippled legs and bang them up and down on the platform like a baseball bat… ‘BE HEALED!’ I started banging them up and down…”

Jeff: We have multiple quotes like this, from Todd, on our full show. You judge – does that sound more like a fit of rage, or peace and gentleness?

Dave: More like an act of the flesh, or the Holy Spirit? The Bible told us which is which.

Jeff: So judge wisely. Galatians 5:19-24 gives you the clues you need to know.

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