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We’ve proven that Jesus actually existed, but was He actually worshiped as God during His lifetime?

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Dave: Did Jesus actually exist? We’ve already looked at a few ancient historians.

Jeff: And there are more. We can’t cover them all. But Pliny the Younger is an interesting Roman author and administrator.

Dave: And he was born around 61AD.

Jeff: From his writings and Judgments, we can clearly see that Christ was worshiped as a deity by early believers. Most likely because of the Resurrection, which he refers to as “excessive superstition”.

Dave: So HE didn’t believe, but he confirms that there were people worshiping Jesus as God very early on. It’s not like this was a superstition that grew over the last 200 years.

Jeff: Right. Just a few years after Jesus’ death, we have evidence that He was worshiped. But Pliny also mentions communion which Jesus instituted.

Dave: Right. In Matthew 25.

Jeff: and he talks about the Moral Rules that Jesus taught about.

Dave: That’s MORE confirmation from ancient historians that Jesus Really DID exist.

Jeff: That’s right.

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