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If logical arguments don’t prove Jesus is God, don’t freak out! There is a point!

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Audio Transcript

Dave: We like to use logical arguments to demonstrate that God exists.

Jeff: Yea! The Teleological and Cosmological arguments are awesome.

Dave: But, these don’t lead to the conclusion of a personal God, that Christianity believes in.

Jeff: That’s right.

Dave: Skeptics point out that these arguments just lead to a deistic god.

Jeff: That’s what is said – but the arguments don’t “just” point to a deistic god. It points towards some kind of God…

Dave: Ah – and we can take it from there as Christians.

Jeff: Sometimes, as Christians, we should demonstrate that the Universe needs a Creator, and then lead people towards Jesus after that.

Dave: There are plenty of fulfilled prophecies to look towards Jesus.

Jeff: And enough reasons to trust the Bible as God’s word.

Dave: So, don’t be confused if we start with a generic argument for God’s existence – all we’re doing is setting up the concept of “some kind of God that exists.”

Jeff: But, it doesn’t negate the possibility that JESUS is God… We simply START with these arguments

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