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Isaiah 53: Prophecy that lines up perfectly with Jesus’ life!

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Dave: Isaiah 53 supposedly gives some amazing prophecies about the Jewish Messiah.

Jeff: There are at least a DOZEN very clear predictions from the prophet Isaiah, in chapter 53 alone.

Dave: However, Jewish interpreters suggest that this is not a prophecy about the Messiah but rather an analogy for the suffering Jewish nation.

Jeff: Well, which is it? If it’s an analogy then we cannot use it to talk about Jesus – however, if this really was a prediction about the coming Christ it’s interesting to note that it lines up PERFECTLY with Jesus’ life!

Dave: Norman Geisler has said, “It was common for Jewish interpreters before the time of Christ to teach that Isaiah here spoke of the Jewish Messiah. Only after early Christians began using the text apologetically with great force did it become in rabbinical teaching an expression of the suffering Jewish nation. This view is implausible in the context.”

Jeff: In other words, Isaiah 53 matches the life of Jesus so perfectly that nobody who rejected him liked that chapter.

Dave: They had to reinterpret it.

Jeff: But, it really is an astounding prophecy.

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