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What does Jesus say about LOVE? And why do we ignore it?!

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Audio Transcript

Dave: Jeff, you saw something in a parking lot that frustrated you.

Jeff: I can’t even explain how stupid this was.

Dave: Okay – what was it.

Jeff: Ya know those little Christian Jesus fish people put on the back of their cars?

Dave: Yeah, the ichthus.

Jeff: I saw one on a car, in a parking lot. But, a few inches below it was a bumper sticker.

Dave: What did it say?

Jeff: “If you can read this I Can Hit My Brakes and SUE YOU.”

Dave: … you have to be joking.

Jeff: No. I’m completely serious.

Dave: Jesus talked about loving your enemy – not suing people. Not hitting your brakes to be a jerk.

Jeff: If we want the world to start taking Christianity seriously, maybe we need to start taking Christianity seriously. Perhaps when Jesus says turn the other cheek we should! When Jesus says LOVE YOUR ENEMY we should!

Dave: Perhaps a better bumper sticker would be “Even if you run into me, on purpose, I’ll still love you.”

Jeff: Now THAT’s a bumper sticker we should make! What do you say, Dave? Would you wear one?

Dave: I dunno…

Jeff: … on your motorcycle?

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