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What are miracles? How can we know they are real?
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Audio Transcript

Dave: How do we know if something is a miracle or not?

Jeff: Some people will say that miracles are merely “natural” things beyond our current understanding.

Dave: If someone is healed from cancer, they’ll say we shouldn’t call it a miracle because there may have been some biological reason we just didn’t know of.

Jeff: But, this is a misunderstanding of miracles. A miracle isn’t just some amazing happening.

Dave: We might believe that someone cured of cancer was an answer to prayer, but to call it a miracle requires something a little different.

Jeff: A miracle requires the right pronouncement, at the right time, as well as the amazing event.

Dave: For instance, Jesus raised Lazarus from the dead. Maybe someday we’ll find that a certain biochemical trait can cause people to spontaneously rise.

Jeff: Even if that is true – the fact that Jesus shouted, “LAZARUS! COME OUT!” and then immediately Lazarus rose from the dead, is astounding.

Dave: The right pronouncement (LAZARUS!) at the right time (DAYS LATER) and the amazing event (raised from the dead) all occurred together.

Jeff: THAT is a miracle.

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