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Do you get distracted from God’s purpose? Perhaps it’s time for a change of plans!

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Audio Transcript

Dave: Do Science and Religion conflict?

Jeff: Isaac Newton, the famous scientist was also… a theologian!

Dave: That’s right, he STRONGLY believed in God and actually wrote more about God than he did about science.

Jeff: Wait, did you say Isaac Newton wrote more on God than he did on science?

Dave: Yep!

Jeff: Although he is known primarily as a scientist, we shouldn’t miss that. And he isn’t alone Kepler, Galileo, Copernicus – all of these scientists believed in God.

Dave: In fact, belief in God drove many scientists to search for scientific truth.

Jeff: Agnostic scientist, Carl Sagan, once called our planet, ” a lonely speck in the great enveloping cosmic dark.”

Dave: But that view in contrasted by the fact that many of the greatest scientific minds have seen our planet as a special place, that God created and takes note of.

Jeff: Their belief in God led them to believe that there must be order in the Universe; the mind that created did so with organization and methods.

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