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As a pacifist, what should one do when faced with bodily harm?

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Audio Transcript

Dave: Jeff, one of the questions people ask about your pacifist stance is, “What do you do if someone points a gun at you and threatens you?”

Jeff: As Christians, we’re primarily concerned with God’s glory and helping people know Jesus. So, My life’s value is best expressed in living that out.

Dave: So, instead of just shooting someone who may attack you, what could you do?

Jeff: Well, think of potentially violent scenarios as great opportunities to witness. For instance…

Dave: Imagine a guy runs up to you, pulls out gun, and says , “Give me your money!”

Jeff: “Ok.. I’ll gladly give you my money, do you know why?”

Dave: “Uh, what?”

Jeff: “Jesus says to give to the one who asks. Jesus also gives forgiveness, and my friend, I’ll give you some money but can I pray with you too because I bet you’re in a really rough place in life right now to have to resort to this.”

Dave: Who knows what will happen next, but the result would certainly be better than killing him.

Jeff: Now, will that be what I do in that scenario? I’m not sure, but I pray it will be.

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