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Is what we say and think important to our overall foundational beliefs?

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Audio Transcript

Dave: The Church must follow valid doctrines, otherwise the body of Christ may be atrophied.

Jeff: We must learn to “think correctly” because “thinking wrongly” provides the church with a foundation that is insubstantial.

Dave: Even small matters of wrong doctrine can put cracks in the foundational beliefs of the body!

Jeff: A foundation built on false doctrine would not be able to support the Church through persecution or hard times. And here’s where a danger can be:

Dave: Summation thought is “Christianese,” or the way Christians generally speak about theology.

Jeff: In general, there is nothing wrong with Summation thought, for instance someone can remark that the Holy Spirit is inside us. Generally that is true.

Dave: Systematic thought, however, defines clearly what is being thought and believed. God is omnipresent, and therefore “inside” everyone – even nonbelievers.

Jeff: Yet he is not physical. “Inside” must denote a type of influence and not strictly a physical location.

Dave: You see, generally, summation thought is right, but we must be careful not to believe that it expresses all the nuances of true Doctrine.

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