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The immensity of our Universe tells us of the Nature of God

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Dave: Skeptics used to have an interesting argument against God’s existence.

Jeff: As Hugh Ross points out, “Previous to the twentieth century … scientists and philosophers tended to complain that the universe was far too small to be the work of God. While acknowledging that the existence of the universe implied some kind of cosmic Creator, these researchers deduced that the Creator could not be very big or strong. If God were all-powerful and infinite, surely, they reasoned, he would have created an infinite universe or at least a much larger universe.”

Dave: Of course, now with modern scientific knowledge we know the Universe is so large that we can’t even comprehend its size!

Jeff: Do skeptics finally see the evidence and admit God is real and powerful?

Dave: No, now skeptics will argue that the Universe is so large that we’re likely just a product of random chance.

Jeff: Ya can’t have it both ways. Our Universe is big – just as believers in God would expect.

Dave: For more information read, Dr. Hugh Ross’ book, “Why the Universe Is the Way It Is.”

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Why the Universe is the Way it is by Hugh Ross

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