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Know the truth! The worst thing a Christian can do is to speak from a position of ignorance. Study and learn!

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Audio Transcript

Dave: Did you know that NASA scientists found the missing day that the Bible talks about in Joshua?

Jeff: No. You didn’t do your research, Christian.

Dave: One time I heard that the Bible was a copy of an ancient religion that worships Tiger stripes!

Jeff: Sorry, didn’t do your research, skeptic.

Dave: Not researching well is a big mistake people make when talking about religion.

Jeff: People on both sides get excited about their position – and it’s easy to exaggerate our position.

Dave: Or to accept something you heard without really looking into it critically first.

Jeff: Of course, it’s impossible to vet every piece of information you hear so we suggest three things:

Dave: #1. Before you teach it, study it in detail.

Jeff: #2. Before you repeat it, critique it. Is there anything that sounds exaggerated or unlikely?

Dave: #3. Before you accept it, vet it. Give some benefit of the doubt to the other side.

Jeff: Other people are intelligent, so before we make claims that aren’t spot on study, research, and invest time.

Dave: And if you find something wrong – give other people mercy!

Jeff: Amen!

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