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“Christianity Disproved” claims that Jesus uttered false prophecy. What’s the deal?


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Audio Transcript:

Dave: A website dubbed, “Christianity Disproved” says they will disprove Christianity beyond a doubt!

Jeff: That’s a big claim!

Dave: Yeah, the author says, “Jesus made a falsifiable prediction in Mark 13:24-27 & 30 which turned out to be wrong.”

Jeff: Well, the prediction was: “this generation will certainly not pass away until all these things have happened”

Dave: What things? Well, obviously this guy thinks Jesus was referring to his bodily return… but he wasn’t.

Jeff: Jesus was referring to the list of things he just gave –

Dave: Wait, so we should read the context?

Jeff: Yeah. Jesus says people will be persecuted (v9), the tribulation will happen, false messiahs, false prophets will come.. etc

Dave: He says, “The sun will be darkened” though.

Jeff: That sort of thing describes the fall of Jerusalem, the destruction of the Temple – which did happen within that generation!

Dave: So, really, he pointed out a true prophesy of Jesus!

Jeff: Jesus isn’t a false prophet, he’s a real one… and this guy just showed us! Thanks!

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