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What are the chances for life to occur in the Universe?


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Audio Transcript:

Dave: Our planet is finely tuned for life.

Jeff: To understand why, a good question to ask is what are some of the environmental requirements needed to find life on another planet?

Dave: Here are some of our favorite, more obscure things, that intelligent life would need!

Jeff: Like gamma ray bursts?

Dave: This science-fiction sounding phenomena is actually needed!

Jeff: We need some in close proximity to life because without enough new habitats could not form.

Dave: But if we have too many, species cannot live long.

Jeff: The amount of air-pressure on a planet also plays a role.

Dave: Too little and devastating winds would destroy life.

Jeff: Too much pressure and rainfall would be much lower on land.

Dave: Another factor for life – the number of baryons in galaxies relative to baryons between galaxies!

Jeff: Without the right balance, galaxy size and population would be too little or too much.

Dave: The amount of termites.

Jeff: For real?

Dave: For real. For more info follow the link below.

Jeff: There are literally hundreds of elements needed for life. And I’m telling ya, folks, this stuff is cool.

Dave: Uh-huh!

Extra Stuff

LINK: Fine-Tuning for Intelligent Physical Life

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