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In our last Truth Shot, we asked “Is getting stoned ok?”. Today’s question: Is it okay to stone others? You probably won’t be surprised by our answer.


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Audio Transcript:

Dave: A long time ago, there were a bunch of religious leaders who found a
woman committing adultery.

Jeff: They dragged her throwing her in front of Jesus – then asked if they should
stone her to death.

Dave: His answer: “You without sin cast the first stone.” They left.

Jeff: Then Jesus looked at her and said, “I don’t condemn you, so go and leave
your life of sin.”

Dave: Jesus didn’t say it was okay to commit adultery, but he also pointed out
how bad it was to be harshly judge people!

Jeff: Many of those religious leaders forgot the purpose of the “rules” isn’t to look
at other people and say, “HA! Look how bad you are!”

Dave: Right, the main purpose of the law it’s too remind us that we sin too, and
that we should love people!

Dave: When we use the rules to judge harshly we’re not loving at all, and
therefore we’re ignoring the main reason God gave us standards.

Jeff: We need to be merciful and forgiving, just like God is willing to forgive us if
we ask him!

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