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Demon Possession: Is it real?


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Audio Transcript:

Dave: Demon possession. Is it real?

Jeff: It is a real thing… but, uh, I don’t think Hollywood usually gets it right.

Dave: You mean demons don’t jump into children’s dolls and spin the heads

Jeff: Probably not. And if you had a book on your table, then when you came back
it was on the shelf… probably not a demon either.

Dave: Lots of people claim demons are messing with things, like pushing candles
around their tables.

Jeff: Think about this for a minute: we have no Biblical example of demons
messing with little things to scare people.

Dave: Right.

Jeff: The Biblical example of demons oppressing, possessing, or tempting people
makes more sense. That certainly would accomplish a lot more in a Spiritual sense
than pushing things on a table.

Dave: Check out Mark 5 to see one example of Jesus encountering a demon
possessed person.

Jeff: It also shows that Jesus is in charge, and demons cannot stand up to him.

Dave: Right – although they possessed a man and did much evil, they have to bow
to the authority of Jesus.

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