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How do we know which scriptures are inspired by God?

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Audio Transcript:

Dave: To know if a book belongs in the Bible we ask one question: Is it from God?

Jeff: But, how do we know if it’s from God or not?

Dave: There are simple and straightforward questions to help with this.

Jeff: First we ask whether or not something was written by a true prophet.

Dave: If it was, then it could be the words of God. Simple!

Jeff: We also want to know if it gives us truth about God.

Dave: If there are obvious errors in the writings about who Jesus or the Trinity is –
that would be a reason to axe it.

Jeff: Right – we can’t count something as Scripture if it contradicts something we
already know is true.

Dave: Another test has to do with whether or not the words carry the power of
God when read.

Jeff: True Scripture can weigh on people’s souls and minds in ways that other
writings cannot.

Dave: One of the final tests has to do with the people of God. Did they accept it?

Jeff: The Scriptures we use have been accepted by the people of God since the
moment they were written. It wasn’t a vote that put these words in charge.

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