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We live in a chaotic Universe – or do we? Find out why this is a big deal!

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Audio Transcript:

Dave: Albert Einstein once said, “The eternal mystery of the world is its
comprehensibility … The fact that it is comprehensible is a miracle.”

Jeff: Einstein’s point is simple but elegant. The Universe contains regularity, rules,
and natural laws that seem to always function the same way.

Dave: Why is this? If the Universe was a product of random chance, or unguided
design, it should be bloated with random occurrences and nonsensical

Jeff: But it isn’t. We can perceive the Universe and the natural world. It makes
sense. It’s ordered – and by making assessments we can discover that order.

Dave: As Einstein viewed these laws of nature and how we can observe them he
made this statement:

Jeff: “I have no better expression than ‘religious’ for this confidence in the rational
nature of reality and in its being accessible, to some degree, to human reason.”

Dave: The existence of God is the only satisfactory explanation for a Universe that
contains order.

Jeff: The existence of God can be deduced by the very fact that we can
comprehend the world around us.

Source for the Einstein quotes: “Einstein: His Life and Universe
By Walter Isaacson

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