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Neanderthals existed, but does the Bible say ANYthing about them?

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Audio Transcript:

Dave: Neanderthals are real, and they aren’t human like us – but are they in the

Jeff: Probably not. And that’s okay, the goal of the Bible is theology – not to teach
Science, paleontology, or archeology.

Dave: Now you say, “probably” – does that mean they might be in the Bible?

Jeff: Oh boy…


Dave: Neanderthals probably lived 30,000 years ago and 200,000 years ago…

Jeff: Which means, they were alive the same time as Adam and Eve.

Dave: But we don’t know exactly where Adam and Eve lived, so we can’t know if
they interacted with any early hominids or humanoids.

Jeff: Theoretically, it’s possible that Adam and Eve learned about making clothes
and surviving outside the garden from them.

Dave: What about the Nephilim in Genesis?

Jeff: Most likely the Nephilim were descends of Seth [technically we mean “Son’s of God” were Seth’s descendents and Nephilim could’ve been Seth’s descendents and Cain’s descendents who interbred, but we didn’t have time to explain that all in 60-seconds] , or demonically influenced humans – and not Neanderthals. But…

Dave: But there is evidence that Neanderthals interbred with Homo-sapiens.

Jeff: Correct. So, you never know. But don’t go betting large amounts of money on

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