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The Priory of Scion: Fact or Fiction? Knowing history is key to Truth discovery!


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Audio Transcript:

Dave: In his book “The DaVinci Code” Dan Brown has leveled some serious attacks
against Christianity.

Jeff: That’s right, and the major piece comes from a group he calls the Priory of Scion.

Dave: Brown says they were founded in Jerusalem in the year 1099.

Jeff: Their whole goal is to protect super Christian secrets like Jesus being married
to Mary Magdalene.

Dave: And the fact they had kids!!

Jeff: Well, they didn’t hide it very well if Brown found out about it.

Dave: But, does this group really exist?

Jeff: Yes they do.

Dave: Oh, boy… look out Christians!

Jeff: No… French law requires organizations to register with the government, and guess what,
this group was not founded in 1099.

Dave: When were they founded?

Jeff: 1956.

Dave: Oh, so Leanardo da Vinci wasn’t a member?

Jeff: Not unless there’s a Leanardo da Vinci born after 1956.

Dave: The book, The DaVinci code is interesting fiction, but that’s all it really is.

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