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60 Seconds on Nostradamus. Who was he? Were his prophesies accurate?


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Dave: Nostradamus – –

Jeff: oooohhhh

Dave: The creepy astrologer who many believe predicted events far into the

Jeff: His predictions aren’t really all that creepy… more like super vague.

Dave: All right, give me an example of his prophecies.

Jeff: He once predicted… “Followers of [factions], great troubles are in store for
the Messenger. A beast upon the theater prepares a scenical play. The inventor
of that wicked feat will be famous. By [factions] the world will be confused and
Dave: So yeah… that… uh, applies to – obviously . . . help me…

Jeff: Supposedly: predicted the rise of Adolf Hitler:

Dave: Right, obviously.

Jeff: What’s obvious, is that it’s so vague it might be fulfilled by people in history.

Dave: Like Stalin, or Saddam!

Jeff: Or Castro – Virtually any dictator in the world!

Dave: Understanding this, Nostradamus does not look like a prophet.

Jeff: Sorry Nostradamus fans.

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