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Did Jesus actually exist? Is there any evidence – other than the Bible?


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Dave: Everyone knows Jesus was real!


Jeff: Actually some people claim Jesus was a myth…

Dave: And that would put the burden of proof on us, I suppose?

Jeff: Which is fine – there is a lot of evidence Jesus’ existence.

Dave: Now you can’t really count the Bible as evidence…

Jeff: Most people would say that, but here’s the interesting part – even the famous Atheist Christopher HItchens uses the Bible as evidence that Jesus actually was a real person!

Dave: That makes sense, because the Bible actually contains historical writings that anybody could have refuted at the time they were written, if Jesus didn’t really exist.

Jeff: Wait wait… that’s true, but this Hitchens actually says he thinks Jesus existed because the Bible’s story is so strange.

Dave: What?

Jeff: Yeah – he says, “If they were trying to make it up, they would’ve made up something more convincing!”

Dave: Well, there you have it: even Christopher Hitchens agrees Jesus existed. More on the existence of Jesus in the next Truth Shot!

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