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What is Annihilationism? Could it be that Hell is not eternal? Let’s find out.


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Dave: Annihilationism is a doctrine that says people in hell will actually be destroyed – like stop

existing – instead of receiving an everlasting, conscious punishment in hell.

Jeff: The question is, what’s true?

Dave: It certainly would be nice if hell didn’t last forever.

Jeff: Right, but we don’t base the facts on what we want, in this case we have to look at
what God teaches about it

Dave: What Bible verses are used to support the view that hell won’t last forever

Jeff: Revelation 20 refers to the lake of fire as “the second death” – some argue that this means

there will be another death, where people stop existing

Dave: I suppose it could be understood that way

Jeff: It could, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that – especially since the Bible refers to death
metaphorically all over the place.

Dave: Gotchya

Jeff: This is probably a metaphorical use of the word death.

Dave: And we’ll have more on this in the next Truth Shot –

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