From the Mouth of God – Part 1

January 10, 2016

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Topic Notes


  • There are three ways that we can know that the Bible is from God
  • Is our religion false?
  • Talking about prophecy
  • What about Nostradamus?
  • J. Barton Payne lists 1,817 predictions in the Bible.
    • What is a prophecy? What makes it miraculous?

    • 1: It is more than a vague guess or conjecture.
    • 2: It cannot be a mere reading of the trends.
    • 3: It deals with human contingencies that are normally unpredictable.
    • 4: Scientific predictions cannot count, since they deal the regularity of nature.
    • 5: It is a highly unusual event, not normally expected. (Could be the length of time in advance or the unique way it is fulfilled)
  • Messianic Prophecies deal with the Messiah
  • Isaiah 7:14-15 Made over 700 years in advance!
  • Micah 5:2 compared with Matthew 2:4-6
    • Jesus’ Ancestry:

    • Messiah from Abraham – Genesis 12:1-3
    • From the tribe of Judah – Genesis 49:10
    • From the house of David – 2 Sam 7:14
    • From Bethlehem – Micah 5:2
    • This is basically an address!!
  • Check Malachi 3:1 – Written 400 years in advance
  • Compare this to Isaiah 40:3 – Seems odd until we see it fulfilled.
  • Fulfilled in John the Baptist who preached in the desert and lived in the wilderness; and he came just before Jesus to prepare the way!!
  • Jeff is literally literalling right now??
    • Prophecies in Isaiah 53 fulfilled by Jesus:

    • 1. was rejected; (v.3)
    • 2. was a man of sorrow; (v.3)
    • 3. lived a life of suffering; (v.3)
    • 4. was despised by others; (v.3)
    • 5. carried our sorrow; (v.4)
    • 6. was smitten and afflicted by God; (v. 4)
    • 7. was pierced for our transgressions; (v.5)
    • 8. was wounded for our sins; (v. 5)
    • 9. suffered like a lamb; (v.7)
    • 10. died with the wicked; (v.9)
    • 11. buried with the rich (v. 9)
    • 12. was sinless (v. 9)


      • Listen to the audio
      • God is loving and just and kind vs. Death as a punishment

      Extra Stuff

      Watch YouTube: Quiz Show (Bible Contradictions) by NonStampCollector
      There is nothing wrong with admitting that there are perceived contradictions in the Bible. Once we understand how to Discern the Bible using the C.R.A.C.K.E.D. acronym, we can be confident that there are no true contradictions in scripture.



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