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Is it okay to ask questions and seek truth?

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Dave: The other day you saw a meme criticizing religion.

Jeff: Yeah, it said something like: “Go ahead and ask questions, this isn’t Church.”

Dave: Actually, that’s funny for us –

Jeff: They’ve obviously never been to our Church (or I would suspect most churches).

Dave: People are encouraged to text in questions DURING YOUR SERMON – challenge what they’re hearing – and we put it on the screen for everyone to see!

Jeff: That’s right. And on our radio show we try to answer every question that comes in.

Dave: Jesus never condemned someone for asking a question. And, honestly, I’ve never seen a Pastor condemn someone for asking a question, either.

Jeff: In Acts 17:11-12 we even see the Apostle Paul comend a group of people called Bereans – he says they had NOBLE CHARACTER because they basically questioned what he taught!

Dave: But, it wasn’t just that they questioned it. They examined the Scripture and evidence, on their own, every day to see if what Paul said was true.

Jeff: So, go ahead – study, question, examine, challenge! Let’s find the truth together.

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