Hugh Ross: Hidden Treasures in the Book of Job

September 25, 2011

Topic Notes


  • Introducing Hugh Ross
  • Dr. Ross is an Astrophysicist and a Biblical Scholar
  • Hidden Treasures in the Book of Job is a commentary on the Book of Job
  • Job is the oldest book of the Bible
  • Gives more scientific information than any other book in the Bible
  • Why would a scientist write a book about Job?
  • Christians tend to fight a lot over Creation. Job resolves those conflicts nicely
  • Dr. Ross is a former atheist whose study brought him to the realization of Christianity
  • What is the trans-dimensional perspective of God?
  • Job 39 talks of the animals that helped launch civilization
  • God gave us these animals to teach us about HIM
  • God created these animals with a powerful motivation to serve Mankind
  • God endowed us with a powerful motivation to serve Him
    • When did Jesus call his disciples?
    • John 1:37-49 vs. Matthew 4:18-22 and Mark 1:16-20
  • Dr. Ross explains the suffering experienced during his writing of the book
  • This Universe is not our home
  • Hurricanes and other natural disasters are optimal for life on this planet
  • Does Job actually say that darkness is a substance?
  • Scientists have found that Darkness actually is a real substance.
  • Darkness takes up 3 different forms making up 99.73% of all matter in the Universe
  • all other matter that make up galaxies and stars only make up 0.27% of the matter in our Universe
  • The quantity of the 3 different kinds of dark stuff, it must be exquisitely fine tuned
  • The quantity and the location of the 3 different kinds of dark stuff in the Universe gives us our most spectacular evidence for supernatural, super-intelligent design
  • Continued discussion of Dark Matter

This show was first aired on September 25th, 2011



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