War and Christianity

September 4, 2011

Topic Notes

The Radio Show, 9-4-11.


  • Have Christians caused wars?  Violence and Christianity are often linked historically, but is that accurate?
  • How do we know God exists; Teleological Argument (quick review)
  • Answering objections:  Is the Bible taken from early Mesopotamian myths?  Was the Biblical creation story ripped off or copied from other stories, such as polytheistic traditions?  Ebla tablets.
  • Answering objection: Did Christians believe in an incorrect view of the Universe and reject the Heliocentric model of the Universe?  Did we believe the Earth was flat?  Info about Copernicus and Galileo.
  • “Wouldn’t life showing up on another planet prove evolutionary design?”  What if aliens exist?
  • “The book of Matthew was written to Greeks, and Mark was written to the Jews.  How do you know that?”
  • This week’s Bible contradiction:  Was Jesus crucified during  the 3rd hour (Mark 15:25), but on trial during the 6th hour (John 19:13-14)?   Was he crucified before the trial?