Debating Darwin’s Doubt

July 26, 2015

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Topic Notes

  • Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwiches
  • Introducing Casey Luskin of the Discovery Institute
  • The origin of Debating Darwin’s Doubt
  • What is the Cambrian Explosion
  • There is a real scientific debate over evolution
  • What is Darwinian Evolution?
  • Three thoughts of evolution
    • Simple Change Over Time
    • Common Descent
    • Random Mutation & Natural Selection
  • The implication of a Designer
  • Observation is extremely important
  • Biochemical Language and Coded Information
  • All language based codes can be traced back to an intelligent mind
  • Amino Acid Sequences and Protein functionality
  • Mathematical Statistics vs Darwinian Evolution
  • So, improbable things happen all the time, right?
  • The Pebble in Jeff’s Driveway
  • Complexity and Specificity
  • Probability and Poker
  • Complexity + Specificity = A Design Inference
  • Everyone makes Design Inferences multiple times a day
  • How do we know that human beings are complex and specified?
  • DVD Players and Cellular Machinery
  • Information in our DNA is comparable to computer code
  • Irreducible Complexity is a problem for Darwinian Evolution
  • Genetic similarities between Humans and Chimps
  • Common Descent vs Common Design
  • The difference between “What” and “Why”
    • Is God warlike? Or is He peaceful?
    • Exodus 15:3 vs Romans 15:33


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