Rewind: One Way!

March 1, 2020

Truth Revolution on

Topic Notes

This show orginally aired on  Feb 25, 2018

The exclusiveness of Jesus annoys people

Introducing Pastor Mark Clark

John 14:6 – Jesus is the ONLY WAY!

See context: John 14:1-6

What does this say about other religions?

What do other religions say about Christianity?

The Law of Non-Contradiction

Math and reality in the context of truth.

Every religion cannot be true because they ALL contradict each other.

Some outside the Church are offended by Jesus’ exclusivity and some in the Church are offended by Jesus’ inclusivity.

Are Christians superior?

The spirit of inclusivity comes from good intentions

There’s a difference between cultural pluralism and metaphysical pluralism

Religion as an elephant.

Bible Contradiction

Help the Samaritans or not?
John 4:39-41 vs Matthew 10:5-6
What of Matthew 28:19?


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