Rewind: Aliens and Our Universe

November 7, 2021

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Topic Notes

In this rewind show, we throw back to the date we had Dr. Hugh Ross on talking about liklihood of ALIENS!!! We also discuss demons and what it all means for humanity, especially Christians.

  • Introducing Dr. Hugh Ross!
  • Recap about Dinosaur Blood
  • Organic Molecules in Space?
  • Does this mean “life in space”
  • Keep in mind that hydrogen-cyanide is an organic molecule
  • Propylene oxide is the molecule we are speaking of
  • Understanding Chiral Molecules
  • While cool, the discovery really isn’t a building block to life and not relevant to the origin of life.
  • Amino acids, comets and life
  • Aliens!
  • Is the process of life repeatable
  • UFO Sightings
  • Natural phenomena, hoaxes and military aircraft
  • Are these things extradimensional?
  • What about crazy drunk liars?
  • Close Encounters explained
  • Contact stories evolve with time. They do not remain the same.
  • Is there a connection to the occult?
  • The Soviet Union and Occult Weapons
  • What is the link?

Bible Contradiction

Did Jesus carry his own cross or not?
Mark 15:21 – John 19:17


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