Our Response to Suffering

September 1, 2013

Topic Notes


  • How do we respond to suffering?
  • There IS evil in this world (we’ve discussed this on prior shows)
  • Everybody suffers
  • Job’s Example
    • Who was Job? Job 1:2-3
    • The greatness of Job’s suffering Job 6:4
    • Job’s response Job 6:8-10
    • Job put God’s will before his own, even after he’d lost everything!
    • The ultimate evil is not suffering – The ultimate evil is going against the will of God – also known as Sin.
    • God is not obligated to us and owes us NOTHING
    • God created the Universe and knows it intimately – we are NOTHING next to this
    • Sin does violence to the nature of God
    • Are you suffering? Refrain from sin! Sound ridiculous? Put it in context.
  • BIBLE CONTRADICTION: Via Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF.org)
    • Should we steal?
    • Exodus 20:15 and Leviticus 19:13 vs Exodus 3:22, Exodus 12:35-36 and Luke 19:29-34
  • Continuing Job’s Example
    • We, as a society, have been conditioned to believe that there is nothing worse than suffering
    • One sin is so vile that the sum of ALL HUMAN SUFFERING cannot outweigh it.
    • What about little white lies?
    • Good is the nature of God… it is not WHAT HE DOES… it IS WHAT HE IS!!
    • Our concept of good does not even come close to the good that God is.
  • LISTENER QUESTION: from Nathanael: (1)Why were the Gospels written more than 30 years after Jesus’ crucifixion – by unknown authors, no less? (2) Why do you not have credible non-christian references?
  • OVERTIME! ONLINE ONLY: Continuing on Suffering
  • 2 reasons why we shouldn’t sin during unrelenting pain (why continue to do good when we are suffering?)
  • John 8:34
  • Good Choices vs Bad Decisions
  • Sin brings Guilt and Shame
  • Innocence brings us JOY!
  • Living rightly can be our joy in the midst of pain
  • When you are suffering – be like a child and run to the arms of the Father

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This show originally aired September 1st, 2013



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