Martian Water

October 4, 2015

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Topic Notes

  • Welcome!
  • Big Discovery! Water on Mars!
  • Dave uses hyperbole?
  • Is there life on Mars?
  • Life is a lot more complex than “just add water”
  • What of this water on Mars?
  • This water is not standing water.
  • Nor is it drinkable
  • What exactly is “briny”?
  • Water is 2 parts Hydrogen
  • But there 2 different types of Hydrogen. Normal Hydrogen and Deuterium
  • Mars began with five times the water it currently has
  • Dave describes briny
  • Over billions of years, Mars has become LESS habitable and the Earth has become MORE habitable.
  • Is this an accident?
  • Overview of Complexity vs Specificity
  • There are MANY MANY things that are required for life in the Universe
  • Life in the Universe is like Goldilocks and the Three Bears?
  • Just because the environment is right for life, doesn’t mean there is life
  • What about something other than Carbon / Water based life?
  • Water = Best solvent
  • Carbon Compounds are apparently the best of all possible carriers of complex information.
  • Is the Earth a lonely speck in the Universe? Are we really alone?
  • Did the Church persecute Copernicus? uh, NO!
  • Copernicus actually dedicated his book to the pope
  • The Church has historically been behind discovery and science.
  • Why do we need church?
  • BIBLE CONTRADICTION via “An Incredible Interactive Chart of Biblical Contradictions” from
      Where did Moses receive the Ten Commandments?

    • Exodus 31:18 vs. 1 Kings 8:9


Article: Water Does Not Equal Habitability by Jeff Zweerink
Article: Fine Tuning for Life in the Universe by Hugh Ross



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