Jesus on Trial

September 21, 2014

Truth Revolution on

Topic Notes

  • Introducing David Limbaugh
  • There is nothing wrong with a healthy element of doubt among believers
  • Belief is not a byproduct of Blind Faith (Blind Faith is unbiblical)
  • Lack of understanding does not negate truth
  • There has been a cumulative case being built to support Biblical claims
  • The Bible withstands scrutiny through the ages
  • What about the viewpoint of some that Christians are ignorant or unintelligent?
  • Belief is not enough!
  • Mathematics and Biblical Prophesy
  • Study of the Bible overcomes doubt
  • The Devine Conspiracy
  • The Bible is integrated (Knit Together)
  • Bible Contradiction via
    • Did Judas kiss Jesus during his betrayal?
    • Matthew 26:48-50 vs John 18:3-5
  • Does DNA show evidence of a creator?



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