Jesus and the Roman Conspiracy

November 17, 2013

Topic Notes

ONLINE EXTRA begins at around 30:00

  • Knowledge and Faith CAN coexist!
  • Talking about Joseph Atwill’s “Caesar’s Messiah”
  • Introducing Dr. Gary Habermas
  • Dr. Gary Habermas has penned dozens of books and over a hundred articles. He has given over 1500 lectures in universities, seminaries, and colleges all over the world and is ‘Distinguished Research Professor and Chair’ in the Department of Philosophy and Theology at Liberty University, where he has taught for 30 years.
  • Off Topic: What is the Shroud of Turin?
  • Joseph Atwill claims that Jesus never exists and that he has proof
  • #1. Who wrote the Gospels and why were they written in Greek?
  • There are many examples in history that prove the New Testament is NOT pro-Roman.
  • Speaking Greek… and Hebrew and Aramaic.
  • Greek was the official language of the Roman Empire
  • It is clear that Jesus spoke Aramaic
  • #2. Is Jesus really just a literary figure (doesn’t really exist)?
  • Even Non-Christian Scholars disagree with many of the stances in the Atwill’s book.
  • Atwill’s credentials are shaky at best
  • #3. Is pacifism in Christianity supportive of Atwill’s claims?
  • Of course Rome wanted a pacifist people to rule over, what Empire wouldn’t?
  • BIBLE CONTRADICTION: via the Skeptic’s Annotated Bible
    • 2 Chronicles 5:10, 1 Kings 8:9 vs. Hebrews 9:4
  • Joseph Atwill claims a link between the Gospels and the Flavian Roman Empire
  • #4. Fishing for Men?
  • Continuing the topic on similarities between the Gospels and the Flavian Roman Empire
  • #5. Jesus and Titus both sent Messengers to Jerusalem?
  • In the #4 and #5 the Flavian Empire speaks of bringing death, where the Gospels speak of LIFE!
  • Similarity proves nothing and does not support arguments
  • #6 Crowds surrounded Titus / Crowds surrounded Jesus
  • #7 The Two Towers.
  • Apologetics is not the door to salvation… it merely fills in the potholes along the road
  • Closing with Apologetics
  • Intellectual objections to the Gospels typically mask heart objections in those who refuse to believe.

This show originally aired November 17th, 2013

Extra Stuff

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More about Joseph Atwill
Learn more about The Flavian Dynasty



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