Spiritual Habits of Dr. David Talley

November 1, 2020

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Topic Notes

Introducing Dr. David Talley

Our Bible shouldn’t just be a tool, but something that feeds our souls

Sermon or lesson prep needs to be devotional in nature as well

Personal Bible reading is important apart from study

Good Bible Commentaries can be helpful

Bible in a Year. Helpful or not?

Private prayer can be a struggle for some

Daily prayer and constant prayer is important

Anything you can do to remind you to pray is helpful

Do your prayers and devotions in the morning

Opening your email before morning prayer is a bad idea

More intentionality in prayer can help overcome habitual sin

Constant checking of the heart is important

Genuine prayer is more important than quantity of prayer

Meditation on God’s Word is essential

Meditation on God’s Word is a missing part of today’s church

Community and discipleship


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