Investigating the Gospels

February 22, 2015

Topic Notes

  • Faith & Reason / Mt Dew & Water?
  • Introducing J. Warner Wallace, Cold Case Homicide Detective
  • Comparing the Gospels to eyewitness accounts
  • Is there an historical record of Jesus?
  • What is Corroborative Evidence and how does it relate to scripture?
  • No piece of corroborative evidence give the full story.
  • Direct Evidence vs Indirect Evidence
  • Everything has potential to be evidence
  • Is there eyewitness testimony to the Gospels?
  • Are the early manuscripts to be considered hearsay?
  • Luke 1:1-4 The order of the Gospel account
  • Are variations in the Gospels due to writing styles? Thematic Order vs Chronological Order
  • Is Luke a reliable eyewitness?
  • There is a difference in the Gospels, but with good reason.
  • What are the similarities between investigating a crime vs investigating the Gospels?
  • Eyewitnesses who walk away from their claims give good reason for doubt.
  • None of the apostles EVER recanted their stories, nor was it ever debunked.
    • When did Jesus Cleanse the Temple?
    • John 2:13-17 vs Mark 11:15-17
  • What about Matthew and John?
  • Matthew, Mark, Luke and John as witnesses
  • What about other “Gospels”?
  • The Gospel Canon
  • The search for Eyewitness Authorship
  • The intimate knowledge of authentic witnesses is compelling

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