God’s Eternity

September 2, 2012

Topic Notes


  • Eternity can’t be explained in terms of time
  • Psalm 90:2 God is everlasting and is not effected by time
  • Everlasting, translated from Hebrew, means ‘vanishing point’
  • Existence is a part of God’s Nature
  • Listener Questions:
    1. Situation: You are a guy dating a girl and her parents disagree with the pairing, what should we do according to the Bible?
    2. Explain “speaking in tongues”
  • Time does not limit God’s Knowledge or his passion about events in time.
  • How does God view past, present and future events?
  • Bible Contradiction: Doing Good Deeds –
    Matt 5:16 vs. Matt 6:3-4


This show originally aired September 2nd, 2012