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November 12, 2017

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The funny awkwardness of Foster Care

Ten Wrong (and Right) Ideas About Foster Care:

1. Myth: Kids in foster care are there because they are juvenile delinquents.

  • This is rarely the case.
  • Sometimes the parents have made bad choices.

2. Myth: Kids in foster care are so emotionally damaged there is nothing that can be done to fix them.

  • Children in foster care have been wounded but not irreparably.
  • Investing time in these kids can have a very positive effect on them.
  • Healthy attachments are important for healing.
  • God uses healthy homes to heal.

3. Myth: You have to be married to be a foster parent.

  • This is false.
  • There are a few requirements but it is possible to be single and a foster parent

4. Myth: You have no control over who comes into your home.

  • You can tell the Social Workers what types of children you are able to care for.
  • You can say no when Social Workers ask to place a child into your home.

5. Foster parents get too attached to foster kids.

  • This is true, but a terrible reason to refuse to get involved
  • There is opportunity for great healing
  • What you are doing has eternal results!!

6. Myth: You have no rights as a foster parent

  • DCF has a Bill of Rights for Foster Parents
    • You have the right to make decisions in connection with the child consistent with the limits and policies of DCF
    • You have the right to receive training
    • You have the right to receive financial reimbursement
    • You have the right to receive services to reach DCF personnel
    • You have the right to information known to DCF relevant to the care of the child
  • More Information: Foster Parents’ Rights

7. It’s too painful

  • This may be true, but it it is SO worth it.

8. It’s expensive

  • Sure… but there are resources that can be provided for you.
  • There is also joy in caring for a child in this way.

9. MYTH: After adoption the Biological family can get the kid back

  • Not true!

10. MYTH: “The system is broken…”

  • It seems messy and broken because it starts with messy and broken people.

Seven things you can do even if you don’t want to be a Foster Parent:

  1. Pray for them. Find children at
  2. Speak up for them. Tell others the importance or become a court appointed advocate (
  3. Provide financially. Give to the church where a portion goes to orphan causes, give to the BIC Spice program, provide for those who can do foster care or adopt, share in a child’s adoption fund (Reece’s Rainbow).
  4. Support those who help orphans. Mow, baby sit, organize meals for foster parents. Have a shower for a family adopting a child of any age.
  5. Become a foster parent. Adopt a child.
  6. Mentor and care for them by forming a relationship with a foster/adopted children.
  7. Support and care for birthparents who placed or are placing a child with an adoptive family.

Bible Contradiction

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Psalm 58:10-11 vs Proverbs 24:17-18



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