Dr. Rana and the ENCODE Project

April 7, 2013

Topic Notes

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  • Welcome Special Guest Fazale Rana!
  • Dr. Rana is a Scientist that is now working in minsitry
  • Science and Faith can co-exist in harmony
  • The goal of the Human Genome Project was to map out the entirety of Human DNA
  • The ENCODE Project is tasked with deciphering the information from the Human Genome Project
  • The ENCODE Project is made up of over 400 scientists at more than 30 labs around the world
  • The ENCODE Project is a secular endeavor, although its results have far-reaching implications for Christian Apologetics.
  • At least 80% of Human DNA is functional as opposed to the previously reported 2%.
  • The presence of so much functional DNA implies Intelligent Design
  • The scientific prediction is that the remaining 20% of DNA will be found to functional.
  • Bible Contradiction via thinkingatheist.com: Did Jesus Speak at His Hearing Before Pilate or not?
    • Jesus doesn’t answer the charges. Matthew 27:11-14
    • Jesus answers the charges. John 18:37
  • What is the C Value Paradox? Dr. Rana Explains, then debunks.
  • What is the Nucleus Skeletal Hypothesis? Dr. Rana Explains.
  • Dr. Rana refutes the idea that Psudogenes and Transposons are junk DNA
  • What was originally thought of as non-functional DNA, has been discovered to be functional at different times in the testing

This show originally aired April 7, 2013

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