Cracking the Cold Case

December 1, 2013

Topic Notes

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  • inerrant?
  • Introducing Jim Wallace, Homicide Detective and Author of Cold Case Christianity
  • How does Cold Case investigation relate to Apologetics?
  • Why doesn’t God include anachronistic scientific information in the Bible that would prove He exists?
  • The message had to be conveyed to a specific audience
  • The authors of the Gospels WERE EYEWITNESSES to the Resurrection
  • Some passages in Job are incredibly descriptive of what we know about certain constellations
  • There are points in scripture that are consistent with the science we know today
  • Scientific consistency in the Bible is more important than Scientific Revelation
  • Scientific Revelation always becomes less important as discoveries are being made, almost to the point of irrelevance.
  • BIBLE CONTRADICTION: via the Thinking Atheist
    • Matthew 27:54 vs. Luke 23:47
    • Jeff sometimes thinks he’s funny
    • The Bible totally supports current scientific ideology about our Universe
    • Asking why there is a lack of scientific evidence in the Bible is similar to asking why there isn’t poetry in the phone book
    • The Bible uses allegory and other writing devices, some of which should not be taken literally
    • Biblical Scripture stands the test of time, we still use some of its ideas today!
    • Compared to other scripture, the Bible shines brilliantly
    • Dave is HOT! But not how you might think!

This show originally aired December 1st, 2013


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