Coherent and Correspondent Truth

June 9, 2013

Topic Notes


  • Discussion of Faith and Reason
  • Truth corresponds to reality
  • 2 + 2 = chair? What??
  • If what we are believing in is not the truth, we don’t want to believe it.
  • Do unicorns have one horn? Does Jeff have two eyes? We discuss
  • Coherent Truth and Correspondent Truth defined
  • Coherent Truth: The Santa Claus Conspiracy!!
  • Corespondent Truth: Corresponds to how things REALLY are
  • What does this mean for religion?
  • The existence of God is the most important thing we can fathom
  • LISTENER QUESTION: What’s up with Matthew 27:51-56?
  • Jeff stands shoulder to shoulder with some athiest ideals??
  • Conversations betweein Christians and Non-Christians should be rational and mentally stimulating.
  • “Study and learn; Opinions are of no concern”
  • Christianity is one of the only religions that follows Correspondent Truth
  • Bible Contradiction via

    Their overall statement about errors in the Bible:
    “Despite the claims by bible-cheerleaders, the Judeo-Christian bible is not “God’s Word” but is riddled with errors and contradictions. There are some 150,000 errors, contradictions and/or variations between ancient copies of the New Testament alone” – We did a five part series on the subject of Bible Contradictions called “Bible Lies?“, which illustrates our stance on the matter.

    • On the Permanency of Earth
    • Ecclesiastes 1:4 vs 2 Peter 3:10
  • LISTENER QUESTION: Suicide and Eternal Life.

This show originally aired June 9, 2013



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