Can the New Testament be Trusted?

January 1, 2017

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Topic Notes

Looking forward to 2017!!

Was Jesus a legend?

If Jesus never rose from the dead, then everything we are doing is useless.

What is a Synoptic Gospel?

The difference of John from the other Gospels.

Why is Oral Tradition reliable?

How can we know what Jesus actually said?

Many of Jesus’ sayings went against the grain of that particular Jewish culture.

Bible Contradiction

How long did it take Jesus to get to Heaven after the crucifixion?
Matthew 12:40 vs Luke 23:42-43

Listener Question

Do you think that some of the apparent contradictions in the gospel accounts are due to the eyewitnesses misremembering small details?


Buy: The Historical Reliability of the New Testament: The Challenge to Evangelical Christian Beliefs by Craig L. Blomberg (Author) and Robert B. Stewart (Editor)
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