Arguments Against Christianity

March 15, 2015

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Topic Notes

  • Introduction!
  • Brian Holtz claims there are at least eight insurmountable problems within the extant evidence that each independently refute the Christian doctrine of a divine Jesus
  • Jesus’ endorsement of the murderous immorality of Yahweh in the Torah
  • Jesus’ doctrine of “eternal punishment” in the “eternal fire” of Hell
  • Jesus’ failure to claim actual divinity
  • Jesus’ failed prophecy of his imminent return
  • Jesus’ failure to competently reveal his doctrines (concerning e.g. salvation, hell, divorce, circumcision, and diet) in his own written account or that of an eyewitness
  • Jesus’ failure to perform miracles the accounts of which cannot be so easily explained as faith-healing, misinterpretation, exaggeration, and embellishment
  • Jesus’ failure to attract significant notice (much less endorsement) in the only detailed contemporaneous history of first-century Palestine
  • Jesus’ failure to recruit
    • anyone from his family
    • any acquaintance from before his baptism
    • a majority of Palestinian Jews
    • some of those who heard his words and witnessed his alleged miracles
    • the Bible is ridiculous because Heaven supposedly has pillars
    • Job 26:11
    • Can we willfully continue to sin and still go to heaven?


Arguments Against Christianity by Brian Holtz



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