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Is Truth absolute? Or can something be true for me but not for someone else?


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Dave: For the next 60-seconds I’d like to define TRUTH.

Jeff: What we believe is…

Dave: There are two kinds of truth, Absolute and Relative.

Jeff: Yeah, as the teacher on this program, I’d…

Dave: Relative truth says that some things are true for you and different things
are true for me.

Jeff: The problem with…

Dave: The problem with relative truth is that it ultimately defeats itself.

Jeff: You can’t…

Dave: You cannot say, “Truth is relative” because what is that? It’s an
ABSOLUTELY true statement for all people! It’s either true or false for everyone.
Jeff, what do you say?

Jeff: Um, that’s true. You’re right.

Dave: Let’s put it the other way. Let’s say, “Absolute truth doesn’t exist.” What
have I just done.

Jeff: You’ve made an absolute statement.

Dave: Very good, Pastor Jeff!

Jeff: Um.

Dave: You cannot even define “relative truth” without using statements that are
absolutely true for all people. “Relative truth” is really non-existent.

Jeff: I’d like to add…

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