How Was the Bible Put Together?

June 15, 2014

Topic Notes

  • Larry A. Taylor’s criticism of the Bible: It includes books that HAD to say the right things about God
  • There is a claim that there are books that were kicked out of the Bible
  • Was there actually a vote in the 4th Century?
  • Jeff buzzes Dave to death!
  • Debunking lies!
  • What is the Rule of Faith? Whatever God inspired is scripture… whatever God DID NOT inspire IS NOT scripture
  • Norman Geisler: The Early Church DISCOVERED scripture!
  • Things that don’t make something part of the Bible: Antiquity, Authenticity, Value, Acceptance
  • How do people discover what is scripture?
  • Listener Question
    • Sinning is GOOD FOR YOU?!?!
  • What is the criteria for something to be Scripture?
    • 1. It must have been written by a prophet.
    • 2. Does it tell the truth about God?
    • 3. It must have the POWER of God!
    • 4. Was it accepted by the people of God?
  • Bible Contradiction
    • Is God satisfied with his creation or not?
    • Genesis 1:31 vs Genesis 6:6-7

This show originally aired June 15th, 2014



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