What’s the Meme-ing of This?

November 3, 2019

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Topic Notes

Atheist Memes

  1. Resting Jesus:
    People die… but God works in mysterious ways.
    We understand that suffering and death aren’t against the Christian worldview.
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  2. God’s Not Dead… He’s Imaginary.
    Typical Atheist burn.
    This was a lement by Nietzsche… not a declaration.
    We as a society don’t want rules that will be held eternally accountable for
    But, what of God? He is not imaginary
    Read Romans 1:20
    There is a force behind the order in the universe.
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  3. Just wait until you’re dead??
    Really? We have always said QUESTION EVERYTHING
    We do not believe in “blind faith”
    We believe in evidence of things that are unseen
  4. Spending eternity with bad Christians?
    Don’t judge God by those who follow Him
  5. God’s plan is sad and flawed?
    Is God the ultimate cause of our suffering?
    Is our suffering a part of a greater plan that sees us overcoming?
    How can we know how good “Good” is if we didn’t know how evil “Evil” is
    We are clay in God’s hands… we have no right to talk back to God.
    Mona Lisa and DaVinci.
    This meme doesn’t prove God doesn’t exist. It just complains about life.
  6. Prayer… the most useless superhero ability?
    Unanswered prayer doesn’t mean God doesn’t exist.
    Prayer does work and Atheists call it “coincidence”.
  7. God vs. Aliens – which do you believe in?
    You can believe in things that you’ve never seen in person… i.e. the Eiffel Tower
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