Christianity Disproved? Pt2

August 11, 2013

Topic Notes


  • Discussion of the video “Evolution vs. God”
  • Why do people reject Christ?
  • CHRISTIANITY DISPROVED! (sarcasm intended)
  • On that website, there are six main points of contention as to why Christianity is wrong (we covered the first four last week and the final two this week).
  • JESUS:
      Their Argument:

    • Jesus was a false prophet, proven by verses like: Mark 13:24-27 & 30
    • Jesus was just a man because he didn’t know about impending Christian persecution:
    • John 8:3-11 is not in the earliest manuscript
  • We believe the subject of the prophesy in Mark 13 is something totally different AND IT WAS FULFILLED!
  • In Matthew 5:43-44 and Matthew 10:16-18 it is clear he was well aware of how His people would be received.
  • The passage in John has many different explanations, yet regardless of the situation, it is still Biblically sound.
  • HELL:
      Their Argument:

    • Hell does not exist. The Christian Hell was evolved over three different phases starting with Sheol
    • Eternal punishment is not fair and is disproportionate to sin.
  • Does the evolution of the concept of Hell mean it is wrong? Science even works this way!
  • Disproportionate punishment does not refute the existence of God.
    • What did they give Jesus to drink on the cross?
    • Matthew 27:34 vs Mark 15:23
  • Listener Question:
    • Do we have a specific reason why the Book of Enoch was not canonical?

This show originally aired August 11th, 2013



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