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Is God truly mean or sadistic that he would send somebody to hell?

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Audio Transcript

Dave: Some people say that God looks like a mean old grump, for sending people to hell!

Jeff: I would agree – if God just wantonly threw people in hell for entertainment, but that’s not what is happening.

Dave: God gives every opportunity for people to receive forgiveness.

Jeff: If my daughter disobeys, I may give her an ultimatum. Clean up your toys – if you do you can come with the family to get ice cream, but if you don’t you must stay in your room.

Dave: If your daughter refuses the ice cream reward, refuses to clean up her toys, and doesn’t want to listen to you – you aren’t condemned as cruel.

Jeff: Right. She has clear opportunities for forgiveness. But she rejected them – it was her choice. Going to her room, is her choice.

Dave: Likewise, when people reject God it’s not as if they end up in hell saying, “Oh my gosh, how did this happen!? I’m so surprised!”

Jeff: No. God has offered forgiveness and rewards, even though we’ve done wrong.

Dave: If someone rejects that, it is their choice.

Jeff: THEIR choice.

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