"Where faith and reason meet." Jeff Piepho and Dave Waggoner welcome science and religion, logic and the immaterial. Available on multiple radio stations, TV, YouTube Live, and podcasts.

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Pastor Jeff’s Tweets

  • RT : A new undercover investigation shows #PlannedParenthood doesn’t help women who want to keep their babies. Defund it: https://t.co…
  • What WAS the Star of Bethlehem? With Astronomer from . Great show! https://t.co/j9er4loLDB
  • AMAZING!!! you have the right to send us into panic mode at least once during 2017. ;-) https://t.co/3oAghfM4rN

Dave’s Tweets

  • THIS! In 2002, behind bars, God spoke; I finally listened and my heart broke - There is NO GREATER LOVE! https://t.co/Uo4IKOmDJy
  • Jesus did not simply say that He loved you, He died to display His love in the most powerful way imaginable: https://t.co/0304ujZFqM
  • Before time began, God knew we'd sin; that He'd require a sacrifice; that He'd BE that sacrifice.. then went & created us anyway #mindBlown