"Where faith and reason meet." Jeff Piepho and Dave Waggoner welcome science and religion, logic and the immaterial. Available on multiple radio stations, TV, YouTube Live, and podcasts.

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Pastor Jeff’s Tweets

  • Martian Water, the Probability of Alien life, and God's Existence | Truth Revolution Radio Show http://t.co/lv8LAyAgLP
  • Parenting is not to be punitive or permissive; it promotes PURPOSE (to love God). https://t.co/QtwylztpgT
  • RT : In light of yesterday's announcement, I thought it appropriate to reveal the first image of water on Mars... http://t.co…

Dave’s Tweets

  • Who Was Adam? has credible answers to tough questions. Check it out: https://t.co/Oz2uNBND0L http://t.co/Zl2DdD6Fsl
  • Truth Revolution: Debating Darwin's Doubt - Complexity vs Specificity and why Genetic Code leads to Design Inference http://t.co/0TxdYjInBt
  • The beginning of our Universe infers a creator. Romans 1:20 puts the onus of discovery on us nails it http://t.co/fFopZ3zZa0