"Where faith and reason meet." Jeff Piepho and Dave Waggoner welcome science and religion, logic and the immaterial. Available on multiple radio stations, TV, YouTube Live, and podcasts.

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Pastor Jeff’s Tweets

  • You might be obsessed with the wrong Kingdom if... https://t.co/gM4Qr0rRM8
  • "My Kingdom is not of this world." - Jesus. Know this theology.
  • She was allowed to be a minister, as an atheist, for 15 years... the "church" didn't remove her yet? https://t.co/G5YqtHOu11

Dave’s Tweets

  • TOUCHDOWN! A Bronco in Seattle! :D!
  • I'm debating whether I should retweet this, like A BILLION times! ;) https://t.co/KAx1M6v505
  • As sinners, we fade. James 4:14 says so. As Christ followers, we shine. Matt 5:16 says so. Comparison? not evn close https://t.co/pmw2OAw0aN