"Where faith and reason meet." Jeff Piepho and Dave Waggoner welcome science and religion, logic and the immaterial. Available on multiple radio stations, TV, YouTube Live, and podcasts.

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Pastor Jeff’s Tweets

  • Jesus couldn't recruit his own family? That's what one skeptic claimed, but... http://t.co/VlUctOqwF7
  • RT : J.P. Moreland: Why the Church Must Overcome Its Aversion to Intellectual Development http://t.co/ks1t7okAQo
  • RT : Blessings were never meant to be stored or stockpiled. We're channels not reservoirs. Goodness should be shared. Joy. …

Dave’s Tweets

  • Newton's First Law of Motion vs Gravity.. ah! the PARADOX! Learn how Einstein reconciled the two in this fun e-comic: http://t.co/wM2QP4rdnJ
  • Are Mass Extinctions and other Geological Events tied to Dark Matter and the periodic crossing of the Galactic Plane? http://t.co/kApVlVQauD
  • in Wichita tomorrow night! gonna be a blessing! Can't hardly wait =) http://t.co/DOyHlHDrSS