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Pastor Jeff’s Tweets

  • RT : Sermons still “fair game” admits Houston mayor. Update on the subpoena controversy. #TheBriefing http://t.co/u9fNwg66CT
  • I should thank you, bro! You jumped in w/ both feet, when nobody else had the guts to try. #first /hat off #ForJesus
  • RT : i'm thankful to Pastor for approaching me with this opportunity and seeing something back then that was trul…

Dave’s Tweets

  • How do we know the Bible is from God? Prophecy, Statistics and Jesus | Truth Revolution Radio Show http://t.co/Y0IllvVEuw
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  • What is the Kalam Cosmological Argument? How does it give us More Proof of God? http://t.co/5fFqxiRKKH