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Pastor Jeff’s Tweets

  • If your prayers aren't answered, you should wonder why! God WANTS to answer your prayer! https://t.co/ZL6yN4e6lo
  • I answer: "My Top Ten Grievances Against the Bible" by LadyAtheist. https://t.co/AUXf0f3bMG
  • Perhaps the Mom says "he is their real father" and it was interpreted as "biological." If he adopted, he is real dad; #possibly

Dave’s Tweets

  • Our actions mean nothing without love! So let us choose to love! Everything fades, but only love remains. 1 Cor 13 https://t.co/XL3l0avjfl
  • Today's Show - THE DEVIL'S PLAYBOOK - What do spiritual attacks look like and how can they be overcome? Armor up! https://t.co/O7oFtQQMEW
  • Dog waves at biker! This is what I imagine I look like on my bike - meaning the dog - but I'm not nearly as cool ;) https://t.co/xMnldDJKSV