You Don’t Need Church

July 31, 2016

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Topic Notes

  • Welcome!
  • Is it true that you don’t need to be a part of a church in order to follow Christ?
  • Belonging to a Community of Faith
  • Why is Jeff judging Dave?
  • Mercy and Accountability
  • The Bible never tells the church to punish someone who asks for forgiveness.
  • Forgiveness and Community – The rare relationship
  • Acts 2:42-47 = RESULTS!
  • People in a church = church problems
  • So, what is “a church”? Primarily, it is a local gathering of Christians committed to each other and meeting together to do important business of God!
  • Ekklesea = Town Meeting (church)
  • Matthew 5:23-24
  • Part of God’s business is unity among people who believe.
  • Ephesians 4:11-16 – the Church is a body!
  • Verse 13 basically says this: The goal of Church and my faith is to reach unity with my fellow followers of Jesus, to know Jesus, and become mature like Jesus!
  • The purpose of Pastors and teachers is to give you what you need to achieve those goals.
  • FIRST: must speak the truth, in love, to other Christians to help achieve our goals of unity and maturity.
  • SECOND: must be willing to accept correction from people in my Church too.
  • Individualism doesn’t produce love; being part of a community does


via the Freedom From Religion Foundation
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