Virus vs Vaccine: Fact and Fiction

January 3, 2021

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Should we take the vaccine?

A 90% effective rate for a vaccination is phenominal

Typical seasonal vaccines are typically 40% to 60% effective

Vaccine comparisons explained

Should we be afraid of the lack of testing?

RNA Vaccines were actually being researched over the past 30 years

RNA Vaccination was nearing phase 3 testing when coronavirus hit

How does the RNA Vaccination work?

Will the RNA Vaccination alter your DNA?

Are there serious complications from the RNA Vaccination?

The Bell’s Palsy correlation explained

Side effects are simply a part of medicine. Consult your doctor.

The RNA Vaccination opens the door to quicker vaccination delivery

The timing of the RNA Vaccination technology is miraculous

What about trans-humanism? Where does this new technology steer us?

Ethical concerns: Were fetal cells used for this vaccine?

Will the RNA Vaccine be effective against the newest variants of the virus?

Timeframe for infectiousness

Lingering effects from the COVID virus.

Is there evidence that COVID exists?

The conspiracy theory mindset

Teleological Design correlations


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